Why Us?

Results, year after year.

SmartCollect's experience in the recovery and litigation business spans over 25 years and allows SmartCollect to offer a one stop shop specialising in all aspects of the recovery process including searches, demands, litigation, negotiations, settlements, enforcement of judgments and insolvency.

No Recovery, No Fee

If we don't recover your debt, you don't owe us a thing.

SmartCollect only charges 20% of amounts recovered. That means if we recover nothing, you pay nothing.


SmartCollect versus other collectors.

Mercantile Solicitors SmartCollect
Commission only on recovered monies Yes X Yes
Flexible and transparent fee structure X X Yes
Recoveries as core business Yes X Yes
No outsourcing or contracting of collections
X Yes Yes
Legally trained and supervised staff X Yes Yes
Debtor tracing and same-day searches Yes Yes Yes
Individually tailored demands X X Yes
Tactical and commercial points of intervention X X Yes
Confidentiality and regulated standards X Yes Yes
Direct access to managers and lawyers X X Yes
Tailored reporting to client needs X X Yes
Seamless transition to litigation / enforcement X Yes Yes
Discounts for volume work Yes X Yes
Credit documentation review package X X Yes
Integration with client credit management X X Yes
Emergency access to legal advice X Yes Yes
24 hour turnaround for urgent collections
X X Yes


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