Our Focus

Our experience in the recovery and litigation business spans over 25 years and allows SmartCollect to offer a one stop shop specialising in all aspects of the recovery process including searches, demands, litigation, negotiations, settlements, enforcement of judgments and insolvency.

SmartCollect is not a publicly listed collection agency where the needs of small and medium business will come second to those of institutional clients. Our focus is squarely on recovery and the particular needs of each client, and we do not process volume at the expense of individual skill and attention.

All our operations are local and we strive to ensure that payment of our clients' debts becomes the priority of their debtors.


SmartCollect charges a 20% commission on all collections. That means 20% on collected debt. It does not charge its fees and commissions based on a sliding scale.

SmartCollect does not charge any other fees, commissions or charges to transfer a matter if a matter proceeds to legal action.

If a matter proceeds to legal action the court scale rates apply until such time as a matter may be defended; at which time the legal firm’s hourly rates apply. The appointment of a legal firm by SmartCollect will be in consultation with you.

Once judgment is obtained on a defended matter the charges revert back to the court scale rate.

Unique Approach

SmartCollect provides all of the services and price flexibility (including no collection means no commission) of a mercantile agency, combined with seamless transition into legal recovery proceedings and enforcement.

Our philosophy is to provide one stop, stress free debt recovery for all of our clients. We are results driven and proud of our reputation for success.

At each stage of the recovery process we use our experience and intelligence to add value. When someone owes your business money, we make sure that paying you becomes their priority.

SmartCollect does not outsource calls overseas and we do not send computer generated form letters.

From the moment of our involvement we will confront your debtors directly and smartly. We tailor our demands and client actions to particular circumstances, and we pursue with determination to achieve the collections our clients’ desire.

Comparison: Mercantile Agents & Solicitors

Mercantile Solicitors SmartCollect
Commission only on recovered monies Yes X Yes
Flexible and transparent fee structure X X Yes
Recoveries as core business Yes X Yes
No outsourcing or contracting of collections
X Yes Yes
Legally trained and supervised staff X Yes Yes
Debtor tracing and same-day searches Yes Yes Yes
Individually tailored demands X X Yes
Tactical and commercial points of intervention X X Yes
Confidentiality and regulated standards X Yes Yes
Direct access to managers and lawyers X X Yes
Tailored reporting to client needs X X Yes
Seamless transition to litigation / enforcement X Yes Yes
Discounts for volume work Yes X Yes
Credit documentation review package X X Yes
Integration with client credit management X X Yes
Emergency access to legal advice X Yes Yes
24 hour turnaround for urgent collections
X X Yes


Our legal heritage translates into the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in SmartCollect.

Our company has developed strict internal guidelines and follows the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) debt collection guidelines.

Some businesses make the mistake of using collection agencies which breach regulatory guidelines.

This exposes the business to penalty, destroys commercial and customer reputation, and turns a cash flow problem into a worse problem. SmartCollect provides peace of mind.


SmartCollect is a licensed debt collection business directed and founded by lawyers, whose collection team has over 25 years experience, confronts debtors directly, firmly and professionally and has a track record of exceptional results.

Clients we service include individual contractors, small businesses and large companies from a variety of industry groups.